SMASHD – The Hoff Salt/MTL Longfill


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Kiwi, Passionfruit & Guava

Dive into ‘The Hoff’ by Smashd, where the exhilarating blend of kiwi, passionfruit, and guava takes you on a Baywatch-inspired rescue mission of flavour. Each puff is a splash into David Hasselhoff’s sun-drenched world, offering a tropical escape that’s as legendary as the man himself. Get ready for a taste of paradise that’s bold, refreshing, and unmistakably Hoff!

15ml Reducer bottle to be used with 30ml Salt longfills.

DIY Salt Aroma Guide

Remove the Lid
The 15ml nozzle fits over the bottle nozzle of the longfill
Press the 30ml bottle to pull the nicotine from the 15ml into the 30ml bottle.
Once pulled through remove the 15ml and put the lid back on
Shake VERY Well to Mix

We recommend you allow dessert flavours to steep in a cool dark place

DIY Salt Nic Shot Guide:

40mg 15ml Nic Shot + 15ml Flavouring -> 20mg 30ml
60mg 15ml Nic Shot + 15ml Flavouring -> 30mg 30ml
70mg 15ml Nic Shot + 15ml Flavouring -> 35mg 30ml
80mg 15ml Nic Shot + 15ml Flavouring -> 40mg 30ml
100mg 15ml Nic Shot + 15ml Flavouring -> 50mg 30ml